* Submit a new Gene or add new information for an existing gene

Note: To submit a new publication, fill in the 'Pubmed ID' cell. To submit a new publication for an existing gene, fill in the 'Gene symbol' and 'Pubmed ID' cells. To submit a new gene, fill in all the four cells.

* Edit existing gene information

Note: Fill in all the table cells to edit either of the three items: symbol, MSU and RAPdb locus.

* Submit a new gene family

Note: The file 'Gene Family info' should contain 5 columns with names 'Accession', 'Symbol', 'MSU', 'RAPdb' and 'Name'. Different columns should be separated by '\t'. And the 1st row should be the column names.

* Submit new keywords on genes

* Submit a new publication

* Submit a new Genbank accession

* Submit a new connection between genes

* Submit new phenotype and expression figures